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Relocating To Memphis, TN

If you are relocating to Memphis or leaving the city, you may have some transition time that does not overlap with your permanent living plans. For the interim, Executive Lodging is here to help!

Instead of filling the gap with a rental property with a long-term lease or sleeping on a friend’s couch, our team can place you in a fully furnished home in a safe neighborhood.

Find Your Housing Now!

Moving To Memphis

If you are relocating to Memphis, welcome! Our city is filled with soul, spirit, and so much to do and discover.

Whether you have been to Memphis before or if our town is new to you, you are sure to learn so much more about the people and places that make Memphis so unique. By living in one of our properties, your transition to living in Memphis will be much easier.

Here are the benefits of choosing Executive Lodging for your relocation:

Learn more about the city

Aside from Memphis’ rich music history and its knack for making great barbecue, there is so much more to discover as a local. When you are in town – eating at restaurants, running errands, going to work, spending weekends around the city – you learn so much more about what it is like living here, and what you want out of your time here.

Find out where you want to live

Being in town also can help you decide where you want to live permanently. As a tourist, you may only visit and know about Downtown Memphis; however, if you are a parent with a family, you may be interested in learning about other areas of town that are quiet and kid-friendly. Trying out a new neighborhood with a short-term lease is a great way to figure out where you do (and do not!) want to live for a longer period of time.

Meet new people

Making friends can sometimes be difficult in a new city. With a community of people around you at one of our properties, you immediately get to know your neighbors and find those who have similar interests and hobbies as you do. Even if you are in our property for a short time, you are sure to see many smiling faces welcoming you here.

Short-Term Housing in Memphis

Since many areas of Memphis’ real estate market are in high demand, many people find that their previous homes are sold or rented more quickly than they expected. When you are moving out of town, it can be a struggle to perfectly time moving out and moving into a new home.

If you are moving to a new city but your home in Memphis is no longer available, don’t panic. With Executive Lodging, you can even keep all of your items in storage and take advantage of our fully furnished apartment homes. Whether for you or your entire family, we can find a property that accommodates your size and preferences.

Even though moving can be stressful, it does not mean that your transition time has to be. Give us a call today and we can find a short-term housing solution for you.