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Why Choose Executive Lodging Over Airbnb

Executive Lodging over Airbnb

With a multitude of options to choose from, selecting temporary housing that’s ideal for your situation and personal preferences can become overwhelming. Airbnb is one of the world’s largest companies to offer short term housing,   However, consider the following: 


More Experience

While Airbnb has become a household name, the company is fairly new and still evolving from trial and error.  However, Executive Lodging has been serving the Memphis community for 24 years and counting, giving us first-hand knowledge of best locations, safest locations delivering professional hospitality standards.  We cater to Executives who demand cleanliness, quality and safety with some of the most notable companies in Memphis. Here are a few Fortune 500 companies just to name a few:

  • FedEx

  • AutoZone

  • International Paper 


Meeting expectations

There are no qualifications or hospitality standards required to be an Airbnb Host.  Any random person can place a listing…which should cause concern prior to booking. You might want to consider these questions:

  • How much effort is put into cleaning the accommodations between guest stays?  

  • Are they really changing the sheets, blankets and comforters after every resident?  Probably not.  

  • Are the accommodations routinely sprayed for pest control?

  • Is parking in a well lit, close, safe area?

  • Is emergency maintenance available?

  • Is the furniture in good condition?  Mattress stain free, with protection cover?


Most amateur Hosts have not been trained or worked in the Hospitality field.  Executive Lodging has industry professionals on staff with the experience and knowledge to know what it takes to provide a superior lodging experience. 


Simple Pricing

Airbnb has hidden add-on charges that increase the initial rate offered..  With Executive Lodging there is one rate (nothing hidden) all inclusive. No surprise charges. 



One problem that many Airbnb guests run into while renting is the potential for a ‘Host” to cancel their stay at the last minute. While you are booking someone’s personal space to stay in, it can become frustrating to be forced to find a hotel, apartment, or home to stay in due to a “Host” cancelling on your well-thought out plans. Executive Lodging rentals, on the other hand, are maintained to serve our residents. We ensure everything is ready to go when you arrive, avoiding ‘Host” cancellations or delays in the process. 

Safe Environment

When renting with Airbnb, what you see isn’t always what you get.  Your surroundings could be disappointing as well. The pictures provided on the listings do not show the area or neighborhood or what eye sore could be next door.  Do you have to park and walk thru an alley? Or park in a creepy parking garage to get to your accommodations? While Airbnb homes must be approved initially, they aren’t subject to safety, location or cleanliness inspections. Therefore, a beautifully well-kept home online could be the complete opposite when you arrive.  At Executive Lodging, we provide furnished apartments at the newest and best apartment communities Memphis has to offer in gated communities with parking right at your door. .  


Staying at Executive Lodging

Our team at Executive Lodging has worked diligently to become the #1 choice for temporary housing in the Memphis area. We are passionate about serving every current and potential resident. If you’re looking for clean, quality and safe temporary housing in the Memphis area, contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your upcoming stay. .

Posted by Kathy Sluder at 10:00 AM