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Perks of Corporate Housing

Sometimes with your job, you are required to stay in a different city for an extended period of time. If it’s just a few nights, a hotel will usually do. If it’s longer that that, you may want to look at other options. Most people will typically use corporate housing, although some may consider renting a house through a property management company. Using corporate housing is usually the best option.

Who Typically Uses Corporate Housing?

The average stay for someone using corporate housing is two to three months. Corporate housing is typically utilized by business travelers, although sometimes relocating employees will use corporate housing until they find a more permanent place to live. It is also popular for interns who are in need of somewhere to stay during the summer school holiday.

Corporate Housing


Corporate housing is usually located in apartments or condos, although you can sometimes find houses. Since there are a number of properties to choose from, you are able to select your location based on your job location and community preference. Most corporate housing locations are within a close proximity to city attractions, restaurants, and large companies.

Comforts of Home

Corporate housing allows you to have the comforts of home without having to sign long lease. One of the hardest parts of being away for an extended period of time is missing your home and family. Corporate housing can help to fill that void by providing an environment that makes you feel more welcome and comfortable. Pets are also welcome, so you can have one of your family members there with you if you choose to do so.

Fully Furnished

Corporate apartments or condos are fully furnished. This takes a lot of pressure off of you, as you don’t have to bring anything other than your personal items.

Flexible Terms

One of the best parts of corporate housing is the flexible terms. There is no lease or contract you have to abide by. Sometimes you aren’t sure exactly how long you will have to stay in a given city. This makes it hard to try to stick to a lease for a specific period of time.

All Inclusive

Corporate housing is all inclusive. This means that you won’t have separate bills for internet, utilities, and more. This can help save time and money.

Traditional Leases

Length of Lease

The minimum lease for a traditional lease of an apartment, condo, or house is usually at least 6 months. A lot of companies won’t do leases for less than a year. If you are needing to stay in an area for only 3-4 months at the most, this can be a problem, as you will then be locked in for a long period of time.


Most properties under a traditional lease are not furnished. If you are only going to be in the house or apartment for a few months, it just doesn’t make sense to have to spend a lot of money on furniture when you aren’t going to be there long term.

Not All Inclusive

Most rental properties under a traditional lease are not all inclusive, so you separate bills for internet, utilities, and more. This will include deposits and fees to get all of these accounts under your name and turned on. Not to mention the time you will have to spend setting everything up. This is an unnecessary hassle.

Penalties if You Break Your Lease Early

With most traditional leases, there are penalties if you break your lease early. A popular penalty is that you lose your deposit and have to pay a one month fee in order to break your lease. Some companies won’t let you break your lease at all, unless you can find someone to take it over for you. With corporate housing, this is not something you have to deal with, since they have such flexible terms.

Executive Lodging

If you are in need of a place to live while on a business trip, corporate relocation, personal use, and more, Executive Lodging in Memphis, TN can take care of your needs. We are a locally owned housing company, with the goal of finding you appropriate corporate lodging. We pride ourselves on providing people with upscale, fully furnished, and all inclusive properties with flexible terms, full amenities, and reasonable rates.

For more information, call or email us, or fill out our online form. We look forward to helping you find a solution to your corporate housing needs.

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