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How Temporary Housing Can Save Companies Money

Today, some of the world’s top companies are looking beyond their cities to find talent. To remain competitive, companies seek out those who can complete tasks efficiently, bring a new set of eyes to a problem, and give insight to new innovations and ideas.

That’s why more and more companies use recruiters to seek out top talent. Recruiters must blend an understanding of a company’s objectives with a smart human resources approach. A recruiter must extend a job offer to an out-of-towner that is competitive and appealing, making them jump at the opportunity.

Additionally, companies that hire talent for important projects, temporary work, or as an interim solution, must rise to the occasion to ensure they get the right candidate for the job. The person who comes in temporarily must feel connected with both the company and with the city where they are coming to work.

Often, when a worker comes to a city temporarily, a job offer may be extended. When this is a possibility, a worker must already feel at home and connected. That’s why offering a safe, comfortable, and fun place to stay is so critical; making a job and a city feel like home makes a big difference in the hiring process.

Corporate Housing Versus Hotels

When trying to hire top talent, companies must consider the full package: their company’s culture, the benefits, and the draw to the city. Creating a comprehensive, attractive offer to a new hire is important for acquiring and retaining the right people.

To do this, the potential employee must feel taken care of and invested in – as though the company isn’t just offering a job, but a way of life.

One way to do this is by putting someone up in a hotel once they move to the city. For many companies, the smallest expenses can add up quickly. What seems like a cheap hotel can increase in price with added fees, cost for meals out, paying for parking, and more.

Quickly, though, people find that living in a hotel does not compute with a normal lifestyle. Living out of a suitcase, with no area to cook meals and store food, and nowhere to wash clothes can get frustrating fast. That’s why corporate housing is an easy solution.

Sure – you may be picturing extended stay hotels that feel impersonal and are often in remote areas of town. But with corporate housing in great apartments, located in some of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods, you have an entirely more appealing option for new hires or temporary employees.

Why Temporary Corporate Housing Works

Top companies that want to bring in the strongest candidates must be able to be compete. Especially for smaller markets, like Memphis, it is important to show our many strengths.

Outside of the Memphis area, potential job candidates may know us for our incredible job opportunities. Memphis is home to leading companies like FedEx, International Paper, AutoZone, and Service Master; cutting-edge healthcare facilities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Methodist and Baptist Healthcare Systems, Campbell Clinic, and the University of Tennessee Health and Science Center; and incredible higher education facilities like University of Memphis, Rhodes College, Christian Brothers University, and others.

But, to a potential job seeker, what else can be offered besides an incredible job at one of these established institutions?

Giving the entire Memphis experience to a new employee or temporary hire almost always makes someone fall in love with our city. By providing accommodating lodging in a great area, the company is able to draw in new talent from day one.

Corporate housing provides all the luxuries and amenities of home, surrounded by a great community, excellent dining and entertainment, and a safe place to rest each night. For a variety of situations and people, corporate housing is the most economical and welcoming solution: 

Corporate Housing Works for Recruiters

If you are a recruiter, consider corporate housing an incredible solution for your company! Especially in the Memphis area, having housing that is affordable, in a great location, and equipped with the right furnishings can be difficult to come by.

Depending on the person who you are bringing in town to work, the priorities and concerns for every person can be very different. Some employees may want housing near the office, in family-friendly areas, or near the best nightlife. It is your job to consider their lifestyle and needs to select the right area.

Executive Lodging offers furnished housing at multiple luxury apartments around town, allowing you to do business with a single company, with options for many locations.

Plus, our team here is just as excited about recruiting great talent to Memphis as you are! We act as a resource for our tenants, giving our best advice on the city’s schools, dining, culture, attractions, and more.

Corporate Housing Works for Temporary Staff

If a company is bringing on someone temporarily, either to complete a long-term project or to be available on a contract basis, it is important to have lodging that can be enjoyed for an extended period of time.

However, when there is an end in sight for a project, it doesn’t make sense for a person to move his or her entire life and belongings for a few months. Instead, lining up corporate housing that feels like home can have a positive impact on your relationship with the contract worker.

Not only does a nice place to stay improve an worker’s relationship with you and your company, but it also helps a worker produce better work. A safe, comfortable place to enjoy each night means better rest and downtime after work; thus, better focus time when inside the office.

Corporate Housing Works for Interns, Fellows, and Residents

Many companies rely on seasonal professionals to take care of projects, events, and other work that needs a helping hand. These roles, while often educational and connected to higher learning, can bring much added value to the company and its perception for the next generation.

If you are seeking an internship, fellowship, residency, or other shorter-term position, temporary housing can be to your benefit. Rather than getting involved in messy leases and moving all your belongings, you can instead partner with Executive Lodging.

Secure housing in a great area, complete with furnishing, WiFi, cable, luxury amenities like a gym and pool, and much more. Best of all? All of this comes in a flat, monthly fee, with no strings attached.

Our goal is to let you see the best of Memphis while learning from and contributing to the amazing companies, organizations, hospitals, and charities that fill the city.

Temporary Housing in Memphis, TN

For companies looking to draw the best talent, or for job seekers wanting to learn more about the city, temporary housing solutions can make all the difference. Unlike hotels or extended-stay options, our temporary housing is personal, creating a space you will love with the amenities you value most.

Temporary housing from Executive Lodging offers furnished apartments with no lease, available in some of Memphis’ favorite neighborhoods. Whether you are a recruiter or HR worker lining up housing, or if you are lining up temporary housing for yourself, find out how Executive Lodging’s services are different.

Give us a call today to find out how we can be your partner in making Memphis home, for yourself or for your newest employee.