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Tips for Decorating an Apartment or Condo for Halloween


Ways to Decorate an Apartment or Condo Without Damaging Walls

Living in an apartment has many advantages, including additional safety and security, opportunities to build community, no yard work, and others, but it can be challenging to find ways to decorate for the holidays. Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to decorate your space this Halloween, so you can create a fun and festive space without damaging the walls of your apartment.

Balcony and Patio Decor

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your apartment for the holidays is by adding fall or Halloween decor to your balcony or patio. In apartment communities and condominiums, outdoor spaces are often one of the only ways to show off your individual personality and decorating style.

String Lights

String lights are a fun way to add some festivity to your balcony or patio. From Halloween-themed lights to clear bulbs that can provide warmth and coziness year-round, string lights are an affordable and easily-installable decorative solution.


Fall Wreath

Door Decor

If your apartment lacks a balcony or patio, if your outdoor space isn’t visible to others, or if you don’t have much room to devote to decorating, consider adding some festive fun to your front door. Decorative accents can create a warm and welcoming entrance for family, friends, and neighbors.


Wreaths are one of the most commonly used decor items in apartment homes. Wreaths and door decor can be changed out seasonally and for holidays and special occasions. If you plan on decorating for other holidays and seasons, consider investing in a wreath hanger or Command hooks, which provide an easy way to hang wreaths without physically damaging the door itself.

Pumpkins and Hay Bales

Nothing says fall like pumpkins and hay bales. If space allows, you can create a fall scene using pumpkins, hay bales, and other fall decor without damaging your door or exterior walls.


Cozy Nook

Fall Scents and Smells

If you’re not a fan of decorating for Halloween, you can still add a fun and festive spirit to your place by bringing the warmth and coziness of fall inside using candles, wax warmers, and more.

Candles and Wax Warmers

You don’t have to create elaborate seasonal scenes for guests to feel welcome in your home. Candles and wax warmers are a fun way to bring fall to your living space without needing to spend hours decorating. Light a fall-inspired candle or pop in a wax melt that evokes favorite fall memories, and you and your guests are sure to enjoy your space with or without added decor.

Indoor Decor

Blankets, pillows, and other comfy and cozy decor can also add instant warmth to your space without breaking the bank or requiring time spent decorating for the holidays. Plus, unlike Halloween decorations, blankets and pillows can be used year-round.



Halloween decor

Decorating an Apartment on a Budget Throughout the Year

Whether you’re living in an apartment or condo for a short time or for an extended period of time, consider adding a few personal items and decorative accents to make you feel more comfortable. With wall decor and accents, however, come the potential for wall damage from nails and other tools. Here are a few tips and tricks for how to decorate your space on a budget without breaking the bank or the building.

Command Hooks

Hanging pictures, posters, and other decorative items doesn’t have to damage your walls. Command hooks are a great way to personalize your space to allow it to feel more like home without having to worry about not seeing your deposit again.

Removable Wallpaper

The word wallpaper may conjure up feelings of dread at the thought of installing or removing layer by layer, but today’s wallpaper offers a much more simple solution. There are many affordable wallpaper options that allow renters to decorate walls, appliances, and other areas of an apartment, condo, or rental home without doing permanent damage or adding an extensive amount of labor into the mix.

Secrets of Interior Decorators

To make the most of your new space, take a few tips from professional decorators. Using large mirrors to make spaces appear bigger and brighter and using rugs to create depth are just a couple of ways to use decorative items to make your space more warm and inviting.


Student and Corporate Housing - Memphis, TN

Whether you’re a student moving to Memphis for graduate school or a professional looking for a temporary home while you’re in town for work, Memphis offers a variety of communities that offer great amenities for short-term residents. Whether you’re a fan of the bright lights of downtown or the quiet suburbs, there’s a place for you.

Downtown Memphis

If you’re a lover of the nightlife or the life of the party, downtown Memphis offers multiple communities with gorgeous floorplans and the finest finishes. In downtown Memphis, apartment living can be luxurious, and with plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, amenities, and attractions, you’ll never run out of things to do or places to explore.



With award-winning public schools, an abundance of shopping and dining options, and a small-town feel with plenty of charm and amenities, Collierville is quickly becoming one of the most sought after suburbs of Memphis. With close proximity to FedEx and other corporate locations, professionals looking for short-term housing close to the office will find this a great option.



As a peaceful and quiet suburb of Memphis, Arlington offers the best of small town living with convenient access to local business districts and Memphis attractions. Located just off of Interstate 40, Arlington is both a short commute into the city and secluded enough to offer the comforts of home.



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