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Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Memphis

If you are moving to Memphis, welcome and congratulations! You will soon find that you are coming home to one of the most fun, friendly, laid-back cities around. Memphis is situated along the Mississippi River and has a rich history of welcoming visitors from near and far into our city. Whether for business or pleasure, newcomers to Memphis find themselves instantly drawn to its eclectic nature, fun spirit, and distinct culture.

Now that you are planning a relocation to Memphis, we are here to help. As experts on Memphis and its surrounding suburbs, our staff at Executive Lodging presents this guide as a way to familiarize yourself with our city and to get you excited for the big move.

The Guide to Memphis Neighborhoods

Many people find that Memphis is much larger and has far more to offer than they originally thought. With a city population of more than 600,000 and a metro population of 1.3 million, Memphis is diverse in both its residents and its various neighborhoods. But what do all the neighborhoods have to offer? Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Memphis and what we love about them:

Downtown Memphis

As a center for business, culture, and amazing events, downtown Memphis has it all. Located alongside the riverfront, downtown offers plenty to do for people who love nightlife, dining, sporting events, museums, and live music. Plenty of housing options, including condominiums in renovated historic buildings, houses and apartments in the quaint and charming Harbor Town, and great apartments close to all the action.

Midtown Memphis

When you come to town, you may start noticing a common bumper sticker on cars that read, “Midtown is Memphis.” Midtown is the spirit of Memphis personified, filled with fun things to do, quirky shops, laidback local restaurants, beloved dive bars, gorgeous parks, art galleries, and fun festivals. You have to experience Midtown to truly experience Memphis.

East Memphis

East Memphis is truly the center of the city, connecting the suburbs to midtown and downtown. A large area that encompasses many schools, neighborhoods, shopping centers, restaurants, and businesses, East Memphis has it all. Blending charming homes with convenience and accessibility, this area of town is popular for people of all backgrounds and age groups.


An established suburb of Memphis, Germantown has an equestrian past, which is highlighted in the painted horse statues found around this quaint area. With high-end shops in Saddle Creek, gorgeous homes, and excellent schools, Germantown is popular for families and those who enjoy the finer things in life.


Beyond Germantown is the thriving suburb of Collierville. Lush with trees and lakes aplenty, it's no wonder the city was voted the Best Town in America and is consistenly featured as a finalist in Best Main Street in America competitions. Collierville is also home to excellent shopping, restaurants, and schools. Collierville has the charm of a small town set against the backdrop of a big city. From the cute town square to major shopping centers, there is something for everyone in Collierville. 


Home to city favorites like Shelby Farms Park and Memphis’ IKEA, Cordova has a long list of amenities that appeal to young professionals and families alike. Very affordable and with close access to the rest of the city, Cordova is continuing to rise as a choice for those who are looking for more space and a connection to the great outdoors.


Just north of Cordova and the popular Wolfchase area is the suburb of Arlington. If you are looking for an area that has a small-town feel but is close to it all, Arlington is a great choice. Beautiful neighborhoods, nice parks, and excellent schools make Arlington perfect for those seeking a quiet and welcoming community.

Curious about another area of town we haven’t listen here? Great! We would love to tell you more about it and offer the pros and cons of each neighborhood, based on your lifestyle. Before committing to a neighborhood for your time here, Executive Lodging is here to help you find a temporary housing solution, then make your decision later about where to buy a home and put down roots. Talk to us about your relocation, and we can help guide you towards a good temporary location.

Posted by Kathy Sluder at 10:48 AM